my country is a Living Room is a project by artist Carlo Zanni who made extensive and radical use of Google Scribe to write a short poem on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.
The poem was written in English using Google Scribe, an online editor that auto-completes suggestions as you type. Only the words and letters printed in bold at the beginning of each sentence have been consciously written.
For instance, in the first sentence the only words written on purpose were: “I wok”, while the rest was automatically suggested by the online software and accepted pressing several times -one for each word- the space bar.
And so on, phrase by phrase, this visionary and dystopian poem wrote itself unveiling -in a constant stream of consciousness feeling- some inconvenient truths framing a sleeping, resigned, happy nation.

The poem has been translated by Google Translate to fifty seven languages with no editing (all the translations are available in the book).

The book is a 150 pages, hard cover with dust jacket Print on Demand book powered by

The back cover hosts an endorsement by Christiane Paul (Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum and Associate Professor of Media Studies, The New School)

For more info on the book content and the related internet project please visit the ABOUT page.

carlo zanni

my country is a Living Room

150 pages, hard cover with dust jacket.

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